Generate FREE email leads from properly written web pages.

Free email leads come from websites. Why have a website? Well, of course it is to sell something and make a profit. That's like any business. True, but first you must have leads, free email leads. The exception is with an online store where some visitors buy first and leave a follow up email.

For now let us assume that you have a sales cycle and the beginning of this cycle is finding leads. It all starts with your website.

A Typical Website Evolution

Eagle Wood started its website to act as bill board, a business card and electronic brochure. It was nothing more than a way for us to eliminate printing costs. Simple, it worked and as an additional benefit we began building our customer data base, collecting names, addresses, emails and purchases.

We began fine tuning our web site to improve our page ranks with search engines like Google and Yahoo and within seven months free email leads began appearing in our in-box every morning. It was stunning to receive emails from as far away as Israel and as close as 1/4 mile away from people in our town of Barkhamsted Connecticut USA.

Bigger Issues - A Relevant Website Will Bring Free Email Leads

Different government and global technical companies estimate that:

  • About 700 million to one billion people each day use the internet
  • About 40% of all users perform a Google search daily
Millions and millions of people want:
  • To find people, places, and things
  • Advice
  • Up-to-date, useful, straight forward, quality content which is easy to read
  • To interact with websites as opposed to being TV passive
  • Anonymity first and confidentiality second

We will show you how to create clear, concise content to attract potential customers for free. They will invite you in to show them how you can help them. They will become your free email leads.

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In addition to acquiring free e-mail leads you should have a quality website because:

  1. Your customers expect a website
  2. It is a 24/7 billboard and showcase
  3. Your presence can be on par with a Fortune 500 company
  4. It will allow immediate distribution anywhere of time sensitive information
  5. It can be an on line store to sell products automatically
  6. It will create a community of like minded people
  7. Your customers can see previously answered questions online immediately
  8. You can generate and interpret quick and easy customer surveys
  9. It will generate public interest - point the media to your website
  10. You can create business networks, just like the real world, with website links
  11. It is a snap to test and accurately measure marketing campaigns both online and offline
  12. You have easy control and use over your own customer lists
  13. Customers need on line maps and directions to your location using cell phones
  14. You can create an interactive, multimedia environment at a fraction of traditional advertising costs
Building your website using tools which provide the 14 benefits above is down the road for you at this point. But keep your eyes on this large rolling snowball as free leads start pouring in.

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