Hot Italian Sausage Bulk

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Hot Italian Sausage Bulk
Use the bulk sausage to add zest to sauces of soups. This sausage meat adds a scintillating combination of tastes and textures, sure to leave your mouth watering for more. Our sausage taste is impassioned but not inflamed. Our sausage will not make you a “hot head”.

Weight: Approximately 1.25 lbs.

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Red Pepper, Fennel, Paprika

Why buy from Eagle Wood Gourmet Food?
Our food tastes uniquely pure and savory. As important, our website offers detailed information about how we raise our beef and pork, and how salmon are raised and shrimp are harvested. Here we detail everything for you to make informed decisions.

You are what you eat.

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