How to Clean Copper at Home and at Work

Here we discuss tips on how to clean copper. Proper cleaning produces amazing results immediately. From small antique pots to large beer stills, cleaning and maintaining the fresh copper is quite simple and cost effective.

Point One - Before we discuss how to clean copper you must determine if you have real copper. A magnet will not be attracted to pure copper. If the magnet does pull your item it is probably copper clad. This is fine.

Point Two - The copper may have a clear or tinted coating like a lacquer. Moisten a cloth with white vinegar or lemon juice and dap the surface in an inconspicuous place. Perhaps the underside. If the copper brightens there is no lacquer. If lacquered simply clean with gentle mild soap and water. Be gentle some finishes may be old and delicate

We prefer professional premade cleaners as they bring consistent results. Having restored many copper items over the years we have had great luck with Last-N-Kleen as we use it on other surfaces to both restore and disinfect the surfaces.

We believe in using environmentally friendly products and we also believe in letting the product do the work. This product works quickly with gentle pressure avoiding scratches and buff marks.

Watch a brief photo gallery as we show you how to clean copper with before and after images.

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We know you will enjoy the beauty and cleanliness of your restored copper.

Restore and Clean Copper