Ocean Trace - Growing Tomatoes In Pots, Vegetables Hogs

(Perry IA)

Non-GMO beans responded very well with 1/10th gal. twice, 4 bushel increase to 35 bushel. We got our tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers from the nursery, but forgot to plant them, and they were pretty much dead. But I injected 2 cc OT into the water, and watered them with the Hexahedron 999. The vegetables came back to life, and had the best taste ever, with no insect damage or disease. They actually survived till after the 2nd frost. I am very impressed. Tomatoes were red all the way through. On another farm, soybeans with a 1/10th gal./acre application were a deeper nicer green. The hogs that are drinking the Ocean Trace™ water look great. They haven’t been sick even with a hard winter.

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