Personalized gift ideas never go out of style

Thoughtfully construct your list of personalized gift ideas.  Uniqueness is the best way to express our love and appreciation for another.  As my wife says, “You made the effort”.  Effort, with even a small amount of creativity, can transform an honest, simple object, like wood, into a uniquely powerful, lasting memory.

Gift Idea #1 – 50th birthday gift

With age comes impatience for commonplace and cheap and a real appreciation for quality, purpose and uniqueness.  Food selection, cooking, sharing the bounty with family and friends, takes on new meaning at 50.  As we diligently watch our diets, maybe following a clean eating regime, why not add to that enjoyment with artisan cooking utensils, especially handmade wooden ones sourced locally. 

The social aspects of cooking for others take on real importance as we enter the second half of our life.  Improving ourselves, our cooking abilities and even finally remodeling our kitchens to accommodate “many chefs” is truly fun at this age.  No doubt we are more comfortable in our own skins.

Gift Idea #2 –50th anniversary gift idea

“Yes honey, I was wrong”, I witnessed a groom's vow when attending a 50th wedding anniversary blessing. Simplicity, depth of character, and lasting quality focus your attention at this milestone.

A present, handcrafted for a specific purpose will long be appreciated. 

Gift Idea #3 – a baby gift personalized

Unless your purchasing diapers, or clothes, this gift is really for the parents about the blessing they just received.  Focus on creating a sense of peace and serenity in the house but especially the nursery.  Allowing a mom or dad to enter a room with the baby, and experience a sense of calmness and security means a lot.  The gift remains prominent.

Gift Idea #4 – groomsmen gift ideas

Wow, this is awkward.  Our marriages in our late twenties found our groomsmen in tough financial shape.  Most were bachelors.  Most decorated their apartments with empty beer bottles and beer posters.  Booze played a large role in their lives.  Since we are never really able to change our friends, just look in the mirror, maybe we can make small incremental improvements to their lives with a gift of lasting quality, but not in the beer motif 

Making an honest effort, to identify personalized gift ideas, will never go out of style.

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