Identify a qualified sales lead using the internet

No one and no school teaches us how to identify a qualified sales lead. We see our competition posting great numbers. What are they doing? We know word of mouth is best. We promote, everywhere. We attend networking sessions, we spend on advertising and we know that we can close; we have track records. But it is not enough. God knows we should all be promoting more but we keep putting out fires in our own businesses. We know it's crucial to our financial health and health related fitness to identify a qualified sales lead.

We all are guilty of procrastination.....

  1. I just lost a key customer
  2. Cash flow is tight and my line of credit is tapped out
  3. My quarterly's are due
  4. The state inspectors arrive next week
  5. I am a technician, I really don't like to prospect or network
  6. I am spending a fortune on advertising with poor results
  7. I can't afford a sales person
  8. Sales reps wont focus on my products
  9. I already have a web site
So how can we simple farmers, help you?

Simple question....

Simple answer ... Within two years of using the internet we generate a qualified sales lead, many, many times each month, improving sales 35% for our products which cost three times that of non natural products. Visits to existing web pages grow 5% monthly without doing anything. Guess what, as add new web pages with solid information, these visits will expand exponentially.

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Who does not use the internet to find INFORMATION. You are here looking for solutions and guidance to generate a qualified sales lead many times over. Even my parents, in their 80's, are using the internet to identify bargain day trips.

As business owners we need to incorporate more into the offline thinking of casting a net into the market and hopefully landing a qualified sales lead. Understand, your leads, your potential customers are out there seeking information and solutions which you can provide. They are not looking for us directly.

Because we cannot talk to every visitor to our websites we must duplicate how we interact with potential customers in real life. We must prove that we are ethical, are good listeners and efficiently competent to solve their particular problems. We must write simple pages which create great content solving a stated issue as recorded by search engines. Do this for free as a expert. Do not sell. Your must create credibility. Think about "first impressions" in the real world. Do you "sell" a stranger, or do you create a first impression of trust and competence. You must be "invited in" to present your product or service.

See a real life example. This link will take you to a real life Google search for the phrase "beef cooking times". Notice that Eagle Wood has a page ranked in the top 10 by Google. Go the page. It has useful information about cooking beef.

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Our store and farmer market customers have asked for this. This page receives over 30 visits daily with about five actual contacts per month. No big deal until you multiply this by the many pages we have. Suppose you identified 100 useful topics with solutions for your customers. That would generate 3,000 visits daily. No doubt some of these visitors would become customers.

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What is difficult for us to accept in the internet age is that we must give something away 24/7 for free to obtain a customer. This is a chilling thought...
  • We cannot afford to give away free food, it is very expensive to grow livestock in Connecticut with lean markups
  • Our friends with dealerships cannot afford to give away automobiles
  • My agent cannot afford to give away insurance without paying for risk of loss
  • My mortgage lender cannot afford to give away money.
No, give away or share real world useful information which solves known problems of your customers as recorded in search engines. Create instant credibility and trustworthiness. A qualified sales lead may visit multiple times before they give you permission to contact them. By now they are ready to purchase and you can ask for the order. This consultative approach truly works best.

Of course there are people who will take advantage of "free". Sooner or later they must be shown the "door".

Reputations matter. It is all we have. Helping people without expecting something in return is wonderful and quit rare. We all volunteer in our communities and expect nothing in return.

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