Free business leads are a snap with product focused web pages

We have been discussing the bulk of free business leads are generated from key word phrases such as "beef cooking times" , "automotive GPS systems" and "understanding cash flow statements". However, your business may benefit from product-focused key words. This would be model or make numbers as the focus of each web page. The term "Roadmate 1700 GPS" is a specific model from Magellan Global Positioning Systems. This can be a successful technique for generating free business leads as proven with ads placed on the internet. It would cost your business more from Google to advertise on well written product focused pages. Competition is strong. How do you write about a product? Simple, think about yourself in front of a customer. Develop a fresh angle or position about the product and free business leads will appear.

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Using all or some of the words "Roadmate 1700 GPS" add to these phrases to create new relevant content:

  • Roadmate 1700 Review - compare manufacturers and models
  • Roadmate 1700 road test - survived college spring break
  • Roadmate 1700 deals on-line - packages, coupons, liquidators
  • Roadmate 1700 store deals - going out of business deals
  • Roadmate 1700 download maps - customers and points of interest
  • Roadmate 1700 change voices - add humor during long work days
  • Roadmate 1700 change languages - international travelers
  • Roadmate 1700 vehicle routing - vehicle efficiency
  • Roadmate 1700 back lighting - focus on driving
  • Roadmate 1700 lane assist - don't miss the critical turn
  • Roadmate 1700 automatic rerouting - make the service call avoid the accident

Sales cycle...

By the time a customer is looking for a specific product number, model number, etc., she is far along in the buying cycle. Think about how you buy online. Research, research, research then buy.

Think of your sales cycle in the real world. Use this techniques and be out front of our competitors, and generate business leads. In this tough economic climate use these techniques to improve your finances and health related fitness. Stay happy, healthy and financially fit.

Free Leads Analysis - Click Here

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