A small business lead generation system results from web pages properly focused

Our discussions about small business lead generation continue with brainstorming ideas about content. How do you write interesting content (words, pictures, video, audio) that appeals to the reader and will rank high with search engines.

Let's begin by looking at live page examples from Eagle Wood and then lets brainstorm contents for pages from other industries.

Eagle Wood focuses on natural proteins (beef, pork, salmon, shrimp) and health foods.

It would be seem natural to write a page using the word "meat". However, using a simple software tool to retrieve history of searches we find that the word "meat" is searched for 80,000 times per month but there are 485,000 websites which have web pages focusing on the word "meat". This is competition. To be ranked on the first Google page you would need to either pay for advertising or be a large company or organization like Tyson, Smithfield or the Beef Industry Association. Search engines are sophisticated enough today to understand this subtlety.

So what is the strategy?

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We wrote pages using these words all with the purpose of having someone contact our store by phone or email. They are protein and meat related phrases.

Phrase Inquiries Per Month Websites Using Phrase Eagle Wood Google Ranking
meat 80,000 485,000 unknown
healthy food list 11,700 580 14
beef cooking times 4,036 83 5
how to cook shrimp 3,049 18 6

You can verify these Google rankings yourself, simply by typing in the phrases without quotes. We make the pages informative, about 400 to 700 words and then ask for an action from the visitor. This is not difficult.

You no doubt are an expert in your field so at least be the originator of ideas and have someone edit your work. You do not need to be a published writer or english professor. This consultative method is a tremendous tool for small business lead generation and will lead the visitor to take action.

Let's try another industry - accountancy

Phrase Inquiries Per Month Websites Using Phrase
accountant 41,000 136,000
sample cash flow statement 2,522 36
understanding cash flow statement 640 20

Unless you work for one of the largest accounting firms in the world, writing a web page with the phrase "accountant" as its key, will be lost forever. Perhaps you could write two pages using the bottom two phrases. The first page would show "sample cash flow statements " from different industries while the second page would show the reader "understanding cash flow statements" from various industries along with cash management strategies. Maybe in exchange for sample downloads you collect names and e-mails beginning and maintaining small business lead generation.

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Let's continue with automobile dealerships

Phrase Inquiries Per Month Websites Using Phrase
automobile 142,800 572,000
automobile GPS systems 948 31
automobile loan refinancing 1,585 50

Do you work for GM or Toyota? Then forget about writing a page with the word "automobile" as the key phrase. Why not talk about "automobile GPS systems" and how parents like us want our kids to use them or how well they work on vacations. "Automobile loan refinancing" looks interesting, everyone is tight for cash, does it make sense for people to do this. Maybe you invite people in for a free analysis of their loans with a discount service coupon.

The mortgage industry ....

Phrase Inquiries Per Month Websites Using Phrase
mortgage 164,000 3,104,000
current mortgage refinance rates 11,948 667
house foreclosures 5,632 593

It's hard to believe that there are over three million mortgage related sites. Don't waste your time using "mortgage" as your primary key word. Using "house foreclosures" you can write insightful information, not legal advice, about organizing your finances and working with your lender. This would also be an opportunity to discuss "current mortgage refinance rates" which may save the homeowner money and give them breathing room with cash flow.

Our businesses need leads. For our own economic interests and health related fitness, use this system for small business lead generation.

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