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Eagle Wood Gourmet Food can help you define a healthy food list. 

Unfortunately there is no simple answer as each of us is unique metabolically, live in diverse environments, have varied budgets, and aspire to unique goals and dreams.

Even newly accepted phrases such as clean eating, sustainability, and organic cannot be succinctly defined.  The USDA definitions are many times in conflict with “natural producers” as seen in documents from the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).

So where to begin?

A healthy food list should begin by understanding what you eat now.  Record what you and your family eat with a diary.  Use paper or digital and record 90 days of activity.   This will be a true eye opener.  We cannot stress this enough, record what you eat. 

Your healthy food list, should contain high protein foods, like this natural T-bone

A simple understanding of nutrition should be the basis for a healthy diet.  As we have all heard from someone thinking about dieting, “Yeah I need to cut down on red meat, eat more grains, fruits and vegetables”. Yes, we agree that a varied diet is best.  However, the nutritional content of a food and our body’s reaction to it should be individually observed and recorded.  Nutrition is far more than proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. 

With separation and analytical tools such as chromatography and spectrometry becoming more sophisticated and cost effective, unknown molecules like polyphenols (phytonutrients), are being discovered every day. These molecules are now known to have great impact on the health of plants and humans.  Testing now demonstrates that naturally grown products contain higher concentrations of phytonutrients.  There are several great books discussing these topics.

Your food choices should take into account your daily observations.  You may be following a clean eating regime but yet you always feel sluggish after lunch.  Could it be wheat?   Sleepless nights could be a lack of protein.  Gaining weight with age is not mandatory.  Observe and record your findings and adjust your diet. 

Clean eating begins with authentic food like this sausage over sauce.

Sustainability has real implications for your healthy food list.  Local natural producers need informed consumers who understand the hurdles with growing natural products.  Buying local, improves the farmer’s bottom line,  allowing him like any other business to become more efficient and keep costs reasonable.  No natural producer expects a customer to go broke purchasing their product.  However, you should understand that conventional producers create unforeseen costs such as dangerous working conditions, loss of top soils, loss of pollinators and antibiotic resistant super bugs.  Increased taxes hide these problems.

Finally, your list should be yours alone.  This website is not about the latest trends in Hollywood dieting or any diet in fact.  We hope to encourage you and assist you to make thoughtful, informed decisions which will have a lifetime impact on your health and that of your families. 

You healthy food list should include Eagle Wood.

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