Eagle Wood Farms is not a pork factory. We provide you with pig facts from genetics, feed, processing through shipping to your table.

We are not and never will be a pork factory. Our website will supply you with pig facts to help you better shop for your family. Eagle Wood produces pork the way nature intended, without artificial enhancer's, preservatives, chemicals, or added moisture. Our pork simply tastes better.

Never a Pork Factory (1)

Eagle Wood brings you the best tasting, fresh frozen, naturally raised pork available. We consider ourselves a leading natural pork source. We offer a wide variety of cuts, cooking instructions and personal recommendations. Call us for custom cuts and custom portions.

Pure and Natural (2)
Almost Organic

Because of our harsh winters in the Berkshire foothills, we supplement our acreage plants with wheat grains. We do not add growth hormones, antibiotics, coloring or use cloned animals or cloned animal byproducts. At our USDA processing plant our pork is quickly frozen in vacuum packed portions.

Pig Facts (3)
Animal Health and Welfare

Animal health and comfort are paramount. This is the foundation of our responsible health management system. We monitor each animal from birth to market ensuring that proper care is maintained at every step. All of our records and management protocols are subject to third party verification. Animals freely roam the farm.

Pig Essentials (4)
Great Value

No other natural pork program combines wholesomeness, quality, and animal care with science, management, breeding stock, selected grain feeding. This translates into competitive pricing for our customers.

Pig Facts (5)

By adhering to the sustainable guidelines and following traditional family farm practices, Eagle Wood Farms supports a vision of agriculture that includes a commitment to animal welfare, the environment, public health, sustainable family framing and the quality of life in northwestern Connecticut.

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