Your list of high protein foods should contain beef from Eagle Wood Farms

At the top of your list of high protein foods should be our beef. Produced to the highest standards of purity, sustainability and traceability, Eagle Wood Farms beef should be your top choice.

Know your beef –
We breed our own cattle, we grow them on our farm and have them processed at a small, family owned USDA approved facility. The cuts are fresh frozen and sold to the public from our local store in Barkhamsted, Connecticut USA and from our on-line store attached to this site.

We have, by trial and error, selected Angus females and Hereford males, for the quality of their beef and mild temperament. We feed approximately 90% grass and hay and supplement this with a 10% mixture of natural wheat, barley, silage and a vitamin and mineral supplement. We chose this combination of feed as our animals display more robust health to better survive our harsh unpredictable winters and the long hot humid summers. We do not “finish” our animals as their diet remains consistent throughout their lives. We do not use sub-therapeutic feeding of antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

Our retail beef cuts and products:

  • Are not irradiated
  • Do not contain fillers, colors, preservatives or artificial flavoring
  • Are minimally processed
  • Are never exposed to carbon monoxide or chemical baths

Commonsense Sustainability – For moral and economic reasons we do not harm our environment. With limited land in Connecticut we rotate animal pastures. We compost manure and urine with wood chips and sell the aged material to the local public and use it to fertilize our fields lying fallow.

We raise our cattle with common sense and respect. They have care free lives roaming farm land. At the slaughter house animals are not stressed as this is immoral, bad for the meat and dangerous for people at the facility. The facility is family owned and very small by most standards in the industry. All of us respect animals as our food source. We here consider our beef at the top of our list of high protein foods.

Supporting local farms - Puts a "face" behind the foods we consume and keeps us connected to the land.

Small Means Green - Buying from small producers reduces the environmental impact. Many small producers have less an environmental impact than a few mega producers.

Preserving Character - Small local farms are a valuable component of a community's character, helping maintain agricultural heritage, preserve land use diversity, and moderate development.

Local Means Green $ — Minimizing handling and transportation costs gives farmers maximum return on their investment. And most of the money spent on local production stays in the community, "greening up" the local economy.


Eagle Wood Farms beef is a high quality source of B12 and zinc and is a must for your list of high protein foods. Below is a brief list of nutrients contained in a 3 oz portion and their percent daily value.

14% of Daily Value
Needed for - Red blood cell development, oxygen transport, brain functions and immune system

17% of Daily Value
Needed for - Energy metabolism in living cell and DNA repair (an enzymatic process in a living cell).

20% of Daily Value
Need for – An energy source as it is a component of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a fundamental energy source in living things.

20% of Daily Value
Needed for - Healthy development of muscles, organs, hormones, and enzymes

12% of Daily Value
Needed for – Energy production from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

26% of Daily Value
Needed for - Antioxidant capabilities with vitamin E to help prevent cell damage

Vitamin B6
15% of Daily Value
Needed for – Prevention of cardio vascular diseases.

Vitamin B12
37% of Daily Value
Needed for - Production of red blood cells. (Animal products are the only known natural source)

38% of Daily Value
Needed for - General growth and development, maintaining the body's immune system, wound healing, taste perception and appetite control.

Your list of high protein foods should contain beef from Eagle Wood Farms.

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