Eagle Wood Farms supplies detailed information about UK-4 organic Scottish salmon with simple, clear salmon facts.

Location, feed and processing are the first of many salmon facts you will learn here.

Shetland Islands organic salmon should be part of your healthy choice diet. The truly great tasting fish has:

  1. Mild buttery taste and texture. Excellent for sushi or grilling
  2. Organic certification UK4 from the Organic Food Federation
  3. A stringent fish stocking density of no more than 10kg/m3 (22 lbs. of fish weight per cubic yard of sea water) in accordance with organic regulation
  4. Full traceability from egg genetics to your table. We do not use Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), GMO fish parts or GMO vegetable protein.
Eating diversified foods coupled with salmon from the Shetland Islands in Scotland is a healthy diet.

Another important fact is that the organically certified feed is sustainable. Shrimp meal in the feed provides natural pigment and essential nutritional value to create a sweet flavor. The oil content is 24% maximum which is also conducive to the outstanding taste and texture.

Harvesting is carried out with intense attention to detail. The fish are slaughtered at sea very quickly and immediately placed on ice. Salmon are handled carefully to preserve safety, taste and texture.

The fish are all processed by hand and each fish is individually washed before grading and packing. This is evident in the brilliant redness of the gills and long shelf life. We fly the fish to the US within 5 days of processing and flash freeze it into smaller portions in an FDA approved plant in New Bedford, Massachusetts USA.

Make Eagle Wood Farms' UK organic salmon part of your diet.

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