Enjoy the succulent taste of Certified Wild Georgia Shrimp from Eagle Wood Farms.

Quality Standards for Certified Wild Georgia Shrimp

Approved Species - The following species are approved to bear the wild Georgia Shrimp Certification Program approved logos, seals, certification marks, labeling materials or Certification Program Tracking Number:

  1. Litopenaeus setiferous - White Shrimp
  2. Farfantepenaeus aztecus - Brown Shrimp
  3. Farfantepenaeus duorarum - Pink Shrimp

Certified Facility – For the purposes of this program, a Certified Facility is defined as one that meets all of the following requirements:

  1. The facility is located the State of Georgia
  2. The facility must possess an un-revoked Georgia Wholesale Fish Dealer’s License issued by the Georgia Department of Agriculture
  3. The facility must possess an un-revoked Food Sales Establishment License issued by the Georgia Department of Agriculture
  4. The facility must meet the training requirements of 21 CFR 123.10 of the FDA Seafood HACCP Regulations and operate under an HACCP System that controls the food safety hazards associated with shrimp products
  5. An individual employed at the facility has competed the Georgia Shrimp Certification Program Training
  6. The person in charge or owner of the facility has signed the Commitment to Ethics and Quality statement which calls for at least two unscheduled facility inspections per year by the Georgia Shrimp Associate or a designate agent of the Georgia Shrimp Associations
  7. The facility’s owner or manager must sign a Program Registration form which states that the facility agrees to abide by all of the Programs record keeping and tracking requirements.
Certified – Must be an approved species indigenous to Georgia and must be harvested by a licensed commercial fisherman from waters of the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to the coast of Georgia and either landed, packaged or processed at a certified facility in Georgia and must meet all quality standards as set forth in the Quality Standards for Certified Wild Georgia Shrimp section of this manual.

Quality Standards - These standards can be imposed at the dock/packer/processor level using counting methods already in place.


Grade Frozen (packer grade) Fresh (boat grade)
Number 1's <=5% imperfect shrimp <=10% imperfect shrimp
Number 2’s 6-15% imperfect shrimp 11-30% imperfect shrimp
Does Not Qualify More than 15% imperfect shrimp More than 30% imperfect shrimp

Definition of Imperfect Shrimp
Heads On:

  1. Red (heated) shrimp
  2. Black spots or rings (melanosis) on two or more joints of the shell
  3. Broken or torn shrimp with a tear of more that 2/3 of thickness of body
  4. Inadvertently peeled
  5. Waling legs attached
  6. Off odor
  7. Off flavor(raw)
Heads Off:
  1. Any or all of the above, including inadvertently headed shrimp (heads falling off)
* For the purposes of this program, “Freezer boat shrimp are Boat Grade”, meaning that frozen shrimp from a freezer boat shall be subject to Boat Grade or Fresh Standards.

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